"Philip has a natural instinct for Flamenco"- Paco Peña

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· Edinburgh Fringe 2019
· New CD for release Aug 2019
· Feria de Sevilla
New CD "Stone Free Flamenco" will be released 2nd of August at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Fringe 2019 - The Philip Adie Trio will be performing at Venue 237 Alba Flamenca from the 2nd - 25th of August. Presenting their new CD 'Stone Free Flamenco'. Philip has teamed up with two well known Andalucian jazz musicians, Nacho Megina (drums) & Chico Pérez (double bass) to create an eclectic mix of Flamenco & Jazz, blending improvisacion and old and new flamenco guitar music.

Nacho Megina is the drummer with the Andalusian Big Band, he plays regularly with many modern jazz groups and he teaches at the Malaga Conservatory of Music.

Chico Pérez, known for his exeptional character and warmth on the double bass plays regularly around Andalucia, he first collaborated with Philip whilst living Scotland in 1997.

Philip Adie has a long history of performing at the Fringe having first performed there in 1990 as an electric guitarist with the seminal Edinburgh funk band Papas Magic Beard. Performing regularly at the Fringe since then, in 1999 he presented his first flamenco fusion band, La Farandula at The Bongo Club. A year later at Fringe 2000 he produced the sold out show Flamenco Music and Dance. Since leaving Scotland he has returned to the Fringe on many occasions to collaborate with Alba Flamenca, where he'll be performing with his trio this year.
During the run of shows there will be some flamenco artists invited to collaborate with the band during the performance.
Tickets https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/flamenco-jazzy

Philip Adie Trio play an instrumental style of flamenco, moving from traditional flamenco into more open jazz improvisations. The essence of the music is flamenco.
The music takes many twists and turns as it moves through the different forms of flamenco, rhythmical, eclectic, dynamic, original...

Feria de Sevilla 2019 - 8 shows in 8 days at the annual Spring Fair in Seville. Philip performed with the flamenco fusion outfit Moravia.... https://www.instagram.com/p/BxKWhAYIy0G/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


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